Spec Scripts

Spec Scripts


 note: A spec(speculation) script is a screenplay written by the writer to be produced  or sold on the open market, as opposed to one commissioned by a studio or production company which is known as a work-for-hireWith a spec script, the writer is the sole owner and author of the screenplay. With a work-for-hire,  the writer gives up the ownership of the screenplay to whomever paid him or her to write it, however, the writer still retains authorship.) 


SYNOPSIS: MYSTERIOUS WAYS– Written by John Timmons  (Spec Script)dominoes-falling-640x640

Mysterious Ways asks whether A: “God sets the stage but Man plays the parts” or B: ” Man makes his plans but God decides.” Three separate groups of total strangers each faces a crisis. Only the audience is witness to a bizarre orchestration of events when choices are made, and destinies collide.

The first “domino” is pushed over as a clever, but lonely, young girl is the victim of one of the weirdest kidnapping plots in recorded history. Next, a desperate San Diego businessman outsmarts himself when he “pimps” his own wife to enlist the aid of her former lover, a Jesuit priest, to get him out of a desperate situation. Finally, an ex-Marine, after a lifetime of surviving tragedies, has to face one more trial when he is arrested for smuggling and treason. When total strangers profoundly affect the outcome of each other’s lives, what paths are chosen and what paths are planned?

NOTE: MYSTERIOUS WAYS HAS BEEN OPTIONED BY PRODUCER STEPHEN DOWNING with John Timmons as Co-producer, as part of his current slate of films including OCEAN BEACH, a 37 milllion cop movie to be shot in San Francisco and a holocaust drama, WAITING AT THE GATES.

 E-MAIL: johntimmons0462@gmail.com

SYNOPSIS: EAVESDROPPING Written by John Timmons  (Spec Script)

A mysterious apartment building where every sound and whisper can be heard. A building populated with thieves, killers, and grifters…It’s where no one is who they seem to be and where one cannot believe everything one hears. A thief and con-man enlists the aid of his new neighbors to sacrifice his new bride on the Altar of Greed, a young teen-age girl sells out everything for her first taste of lust as an unknown shadow assassin wanders throughout the building and a writer struggles to put together the pieces of a puzzle that led to his premature death.

SAMPLE PAGES of-MYSTERIOUS WAYS and/or EAVESDROPPING can be sent to you UPON REQUEST. I would prefer to discuss the script with you before you read it /them, as out-of-context samples can be misleading.

 E-MAIL: johntimmons0462@gmail.com

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